One of the first questions every business owner and marketer must answer is, who is my ideal customer and how can I find them? Once you have the product or service you want to sell, you then have to find the right people that will buy that product or service. Small business owners face a unique challenge in that they do not have enterprise-level spending accounts to go out and find their perfect customer profile with big data tools and highly customizable analytical dashboards. Luckily, Facebook’s free tool, the Audience Insight Tool, can solve this conundrum and is free and available to everyone. This incredible tool allows you to leverage Facebook’s entire user base to pinpoint exactly who your ideal customer is. You can go so far as to find customers in a certain profession, if they have children, their relationship status, and so much more. This quick guide will show you how to gain access to this tool and how to use it to find your ideal customer.

How To Find Your Ideal Customer Checklist

  • Sign up for Facebook’s Business Manager.

  • Consider your customer’s interests, job, income, family status, and more.

  • Input these traits into Facebook Audience Insight Tool

  • You now have a group of individulas that you can serve ads to and target your business products & services to.

What is Facebook Business Manager?

If you have never heard of the Facebook Business Manager, do not worry. It is still a somewhat new(ish) feature that was implemented by Facebook to organize business and ad accounts on Facebook. In order to access the Audience Insights Tool, you will need to create a Business Manager account. Most everyone and business entity has a Facebook Page, but not everyone has a Business Manager account. In essence, The Business Manager is a more detailed tool where Facebook ads, pixels, apps, pages, and more are organized under one roof.

To start, head over to and create an account.

How To Find Your Ideal Customer Modesto Marketing

The Audience Insights Tool

So now that you have your Business Account set up, it’s time to get into the actual customer insights. The Audience Insight Tool offers you incredible power in regard to finding people on FB that will be privy to your products and services.

Once you log into your FB Business Manager account, there is going to be a lot of ‘stuff’ that may be overwhelming. For now, just ignore all of that and click on the menu in the top left and select Audience Insights under the Plan tab.

FB Business Options - How To Find Your Ideal Customer - Tri Point Marketing Modesto Marketing Agency

Who Is Your Target Customer?

Now that the hard part is over, it’s time to start to contemplate your ideal customer. How old are they? Where do they live? Are they married? Does their political affiliate matter? There are so many options to find an audience using the Audience Insights tool it can be a bit overwhelming. If you open up all the tabs on the side of the tool, you can see just how many options there are and how detailed and specific you can get. The audience that is shown is the entirety of Facebook. As you work on your audience the graphs will change and show you how your audience compares to the average user on FB.

An Example

Let’s say you own a bakery in Downtown Modesto. You want to bring new people to your location but are not sure how to find your ideal customer. You would like to get them in your business, have them purchase a baked good, and the icing on the cake would be to get them to sign up for an email newsletter or follow one of your social media accounts. To find the perfect audience to market to, let us play around with the parameters in the Audience Insights tool and see what we can come up with. Lets say we want to bring in families and offer them an enticing offer to compel them to come to our bakery.  Since beverages are the least profitable items sold at bakeries, they are the perfect ‘free’ item to offer in the form of a free beverage with the purchase of an item over $7 let us say. For our parameters, we want to target,

  • Women who live in Modesto that are between 21 and 45 years old.

  • Women who are interested in baking, desserts, and coupons.

  • They are in a reltionship or married.

  • They have children ranging from ages 3 to 12 years old.

As you can see, this gives us a group of 1500 to 2ooo women to market our offer to. This is a great sized audience to push an offer type of ad where we can then go about presenting this offer in many enticing ways. We could have the potential customers offer up an email in exchange for the coupon, we can have them watch a video to learn more about the bakery and what we offer, or, have them like our page or follow us on Instagram. The combination of approaches when you add media and ad copy into the mix becomes endless.

The Possibilities To Find Your Ideal Customer Are Endless

On a final note, the Audience Insights Tool is really left up to one’s imagination. Just below, you’ll see an audience for the Bakery targeting people who have birthdays coming up. The key to using this tool correctly is conjuring up an action plan after you have your audience. Since Facebook owns Instagram too, you can leverage both platforms to market to your customers. It can be difficult to find your ideal customer, but utilizing this tool, and trying out different combinations of parameters, makes it a lot easier.

How To Find Your Ideal Customer

Summary For Using The Audience Insights Tool & Finding Your Ideal Customer

  • Create a Facebook Business Manager Account

  • Go into the Audience Insights Tool that can be found in the menu.

  • Consider the type of person you want to offer your goods and services too and start to play around with different combinations of interests, ages, relationship types, and more.
  • Formulate a plan to reach this audience in the most effective way possible. Tri-Point Marketing can help you plan out the best types of ads and overall strategy to reach your audience, contact us today!