Rank Your Business Higher On Google With Our Best SEO Practices.

With over a decade of content writing and link building, we utilize all the tricks we have learned over the past 10 years to rank your business over your competitors on Google while using only high-quality white hat tactics.

Not sure if your website is optimized to drive more customers to your business? We also optimize your website to drive more conversions and make sure it is ‘search engine friendly’ so that Google and other major search engines will find it easier to rank you site higher.

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We Make Your Social Media Stand Out

Social media should be about fun. So many businesses today underutilize their social media and do not create content that their followers enjoy and engage with. We make content that connects with your target customers and leaves them with a positive lasting impression of your business.

The tools we use to track, learn, and optimize your social media are some of the same techniques used by the largest companies on the planet. The difference is we use them to really narrow in your market so potential customers identify towards your brand more and are more likely to engage and take action with your brand.

Keep Your Customers Informed With Personal Email Marketing

How many emails do you receive a day? Probably A LOT. So how can your business emails reach customers? We pride ourselves on crafting personal engaging emails that are not ‘sales pitches’ or sound like they were written by a robot. We love to test different email sequences and tweak them so more customers are opening your emails instead of sending them to the trash.

Building an email list can be challenging. This is why we work with you to bost capture customer emails while they are in your business location as well as online. This way, you get two great ways to build your email list fast and efficiently. Once that is set up, our powerful email servcies utilze tools and data to fine tune your emails so that they are constantly improving and leading more customers into your business.

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Remind Your Customers…

Have you ever had a customer visit your website or business only to never return? Remarketing (or retargeting) is one of the most underutilized aspects of marketing that most businesses are not putting enough attention. If a customer leaves take notice of your company but does not take action, we gently remind them why they sought you out in the first place. At Tri-Point, we use some of the most innovative technology to remind and reengage your potential customers so that they will become paying customers.

Advertising using Retargeting strategies is some of the least expensive and highest ROI advertising. There are companies with strict budgets dedicated to nothing but remarketing advertising. With 10 years in the digital marketing space, we know just how valuable this can be for your business.

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